3 Ways to Level Up Craft Beer as a Signature Wedding Cocktail


Lately, it seems that every wedding has a signature bride and groom drink. If you favor margaritas or mojitos, leveling up your drink can be as easy as adding in or changing up one of the flavors, but what if your go to beverage is a craft beer?

Not to fear! The Beer Feelings® Team has put together this guide with three easy tips to elevate your favorite craft beer to be the signature wedding drink of your dreams.

Create Mixed Beer Drinks

Test out different mixtures with your bartender or favorite brewery A few ideas from the Beer Feelings® Team:
Wheat Beer + Lemonade = Shandy
Mexican Lager + Bloody Mary Mix = Michelada
Vanilla Stout + Ice Cream + Blender = Beershake

Add a salt or sugar rim

A few pairing suggestions:

Chili Lime Salt – Mexican Lager
Zesty Basil Salt – Juicy IPA
Vanilla Stout Sugar – Oatmeal Stout
Espresso Sugar – Pastry Stout
Chai Sugar – Brown Ale
Order your favorites at beerfeelings.com

Serve in Unique Glassware

Choose a glass that celebrates your favorite beer feature
Effervescent – Tall and Skinny Stange
Aromatic – Tulip
Crushable – Sturdy Stein
These could do double duty in acting as favors for each guest

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Get the Perfect Craft Beer Pour at Home


If you are like me, you would agree that craft beer tastes better straight from the tap at a brewery. A large part of that is the friendly beertenders, buzzing atmosphere, and ability to taste anything on the tap list – but some of that flavor explosion comes from how the beer is presented.

As mentioned before, the glass shape can enhance certain elements of your beer (read Glass Class here) – but what about the pour?

Today I’m going to share a few tips on how to get the perfect craft beer pour at home.

  1. Don’t frost your glass

    The most common at-home-beer mistake that I see is people keeping their beer mugs in the freezer. KNOCK IT OFF! Not only will the condensation from the glass water down your craft beverage of choice, but also many beers taste BETTER when they are not ice cold. Much like their red wine counterparts, craft beers open up as they warm up just a touch. Don’t short change yourself on flavor – starting with a room temperature glass will serve you  just fine.

  2. Give your glass a quick rinse

    Dust or soap residue in your glass leads to friction and friction leads to more foam. Now don’t get me wrong, foam is a good thing, but too much can lead to a foam over or that awkward ‘settle down’ period where you have to briefly halt your pour while you wait for your beer to chill out. In order to be the master of your beer, rinse your glass with a quick splash of water, swish it around, and then pour it out. This quick action will clear out any unwanted particles that are found on the inside of your glass.

    Ideally we want the glass to act as a slip’n’slide for the beer to settle into.

  3. Pour mechanics

    At this point you should have a clean, room temperature glass and are ready to start the cascade. Start by tilting your glass about 45 degrees and aim your beer waterfall about half way down the side of the glass. Once the rising beer level reaches your pour point, start to level the glass out until it is straight up and down.

    When poured correctly, your craft beer should have one to two finger widths of foam at the top and no bubbles on the sides of the glass (sometimes glasses have shapes etched in their base to encourage some pretty bubbles, but this won’t always be the case).


Give these tips a go and let me know if you can achieve the perfect craft beer pour at home! Are you already pouring like this? If you are changing up your pour, can you notice a difference in the aroma or taste of the beer?



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