COVID in Colorado: Visiting Breweries in Level Red


This year has been one for the books – but I’m sure I’m not the first one to say that. With the latest COVID-19 restrictions, breweries are no longer able to serve indoors but are still offering service on patios as well as to-go. As a brewery frequenter, I have found there are a few things that you can do to increase your comfort while visiting your favorite watering hole. These easy tips will definitely improve your overall experience until things can go back to normal.

Remember that the only thing crazier than 2020 is Colorado weather

As we all know, in Colorado it can be gorgeous and sunny in the morning and blizzarding by sunset. Make sure to take a quick glance at the weather before you head to get your brew on. Grab a hat and some shades on the sunny days or your favorite hoodie and boots if it’s looking a little brisk. No matter the weather, BRING LAYERS! This past weekend I started my visit to LandLocked Ales with a vest, sweatshirt and beanie. About 30 minutes in I shed all layers, and by the end of my visit I put everything back on and was reaching for a blanket. Remember, if the weather turns south, hiding out indoors isn’t currently an option.

Buy some cozy swag

Most breweries recognize that some individuals will forget to layer up and will start to get chilly when the sun goes down. NOT TO FEAR! Take a peek at their merch section. Many breweries are selling blankets, beanies, and sweatshirts for you to snuggle up with. Not only will these physically warm you up, but they will also warm your heart as funds from merchandise help to keep our craft breweries OPEN!
Don’t make the brewery staff be the bad guyThis should come as no shock to anyone – breweries are also not thrilled with the increased restrictions, but they understand their necessity in order to keep everyone healthy and safe. It is critical that they follow all state and county regulations in order to stay open. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a peek at their rules either on their website or posted on their door and do your best to follow them. No one wants to be the mask police – it’s not a fun time for anyone.

Grab some beer on your way out

If one great thing has come out of 2020, it’s all of the amazing to-go beer options. Many breweries are now offering different sized cans to take away so you can continue the tasty craft beer party at home whether it be with a 12 or 16 oz can, crowler, or growler. Maybe grab a few extra and drop them off on a friend’s doorstep for a few feel good brownie points.
These restrictions won’t last forever, but I think we can all agree that we want to make sure all of the amazing small breweries around town can live to see that day. This year especially, make sure to brag about how great your favorite brewery is, leave kind reviews on Google and Facebook, and tag them in that wicked sweet picture you took.

Is anyone else dreaming of the after party in the streets that is going to happen when we are 100% back to normal, or is that just me?

What other things have you done to stay comfortable while at breweries?