Welcome to the Beer Feelings podcast, the only show out there created specifically for women who are new to, a little intimidated by, or just curious about the craft beer industry! In episode five, Natalie chats about the best ways to serve beer. She starts out with features commonly found in craft beer glassware and then moves on to talk about how to accomplish the perfect pour.


  1. At a brewery, observe the glasses around you and ask your brewer why your beer is being served in that particular glass
  2. At home, drink the same beer out of a few different types of glasses and see if you can spot any differences.

Time stamps:

2:18 – Tapered lips

3:25 – Bowls or bulbs

4:53 – Stems

5:56 – Sturdy glasses

8:06 – The bulge

9:01 – Tall & skinny glasses

9:48 – The big glass

13:34 – Stop freezing your glassware

14:46 – Getting a perfect craft beer pour



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