On episode 39 , Natalie chats with The Beeroness herself, Jackie Dodd-Mallory, about cooking with beer. What does beer contribute to a recipe? Are some beers easier to cook with than others? Where should someone start if they want to infuse their food with craft beer?

Enjoy and cheers!

Time Stamps:

2:27 – How did Jackie get into beer cooking?

5:28 – What does beer contribute to a recipe?

9:29 – How do you choose which beer goes in which recipe?

14:30 – Should you cook with cheap beer or beer that you would drink?

16:00 – Uses for flat beer

19:40 – Easy beers to cook with

21:35 – Sour beers in sourdough starters

26:02 – The easiest craft beer recipe to start with


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