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February 27, 2021

7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

There is no need to be a brewer to taste beer thoughtfully. Arts & Crafts offers a way to explore the beverage of beer in a novel way- pairing it with art-making! Get ready to have a multi-level sensory experience.

Join us virtually for two hours of entertaining art instruction and a beer experience like no other. Learn which beer pairs well with painting clouds while using premier Terry Ludwig pastels*. Discover the world of connecting taste and memory through the combination of beer and art-making. Not artistic? Don’t worry? Everyone has an “inner artist” who needs a little encouragement. There’s beer for that! Your guides will talk you through the creative process, step by step, to create the featured artwork while encouraging you to discover your “flavor memories”. It’s fun, easy, and totally stress free.

Your Guides

Kathy Beekman, founder of ArtCoaching for You is a professional artist, art career coach, author, and community builder. She has presented art related workshops and retreats for over two decades and has a great passion for positively impacting others’ lives.

Natalie Jones, Natalie started her beer-loving journey as an intern for Rocky Mountain Brew Runs in 2013. She took over the business in January 2020 and brought her own unique spin to the event series with bold themes and big personalities. In the 2020 quarantine she started Beer Feelings to expand the brew empire beyond only 5k running events. Her mission is to help others make unique memories and navigate the craft beer space.

We believe:

Beer is wonderful
Art is fun
Everyone has an inner artist

We offer:

Beginning art-making classes
A safe laid-back space to make art
Art making classes for adults aged 21 years and older
A way to enhance your beer tasting experience
An environment that is professionally-led by a high-energy professional artist and sommeli-ale

We provide:

  • A two hour virtual multi-level sensory experience
  • A good time

required supplies (not included):

  • Soft pastels (can be purchased as an add-on before 2/1)
  • Art quality paper (can be purchased as an add-on before 2/1)
  • Craft Beer (we will send out suggested brews for you one week before the workshop)
  • Newspaper to protect your table
  • Wet wipes or paper towels

If you are using your own art supplies:

You can use your own art supplies rather than purchasing one of our supply kits. If you choose do so, please be sure to gather soft pastels (not oil pastels) in the colors of red, blue, yellow, green, white and black, as well as paper suitable for soft pastel sized 8 x 10 or larger. Totally up to you as to what brands you decide to purchase.

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