What exactly are “Beer Feelings”?

We like to think of them as the variety of emotions and memories that come up when drinking a delicious craft beer.

Feelings, like people, come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

What we believe in


Be totally shameless about feeding your true desires

Thrive Unapologetically

Be fearless, embrace your uniqueness, and recognize you aren’t going to be everyone’s flavor

Demand Excellence

Life’s too short for anything less

Live for Connection

Experience togetherness in the best possible way

Natalie Rae Jones

Beer Boss

Natalie didn’t always like beer. As a matter of fact – she hated it after taking her first few sips and equated the beverage to bread water. While she envied others around her at breweries that figured out what was so magical, Natalie feared if she asked too many questions, the beertenders would think she was dumb and speak down to her.

After suffering through all the wrong beers and not being able to figure it out on her own, she mustered up the courage to ask a friendly beertender how people actually enjoyed “this stuff”. The beertendender abandoned all exclusive vocabulary and industry specific terminology and began a conversation with Natalie about flavor.

  • How does she take her coffee?
  • What kind of cinnamon rolls does she go for?
  • Does she prefer tropical smoothies or something more citrusy?

Together they uncovered a beautiful beer starting point – the Hefeweizen.

From there, she learned to explore and love Witbiers, Pastry Stouts, Sours, and more with each drink building more boozy confidence.

Flash forward a few years to the 2020 quarantine. With her current event planning job put on hold, Natalie filled her days with drinking beer… a lot of it. She started reviewing the brews she sipped on in the way that she learned how to taste and posted her thoughts on social media as she was in desperate need of content to keep her client base engaged.

What started with a post here and there, turned into a few videos, which turned into a couple of tasting classes, which turned into the Beer Feelings that we know and love.

Natalie strives to make craft beer more accessible so no one has to fear asking a “dumb” question. She specializes in connecting brews to flavor memories and takes pride that she can always find someone at least one beer to love.

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