What exactly are “Beer Feelings”?

We like to think of them as the variety of emotions people feel when they drink great beer. It could be happiness, relaxation, or the desire to spend time and connect with friends.


Feelings, like people, come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.


Be totally shameless about feeding your true desires

Down To Earth

Live an authentic life that makes you happy & don’t sweat the small stuff

Dazzle & Sparkle

Dazzle them with your smile
Wow them with your actions


Be fearless, embrace your uniqueness, and recognize you aren’t going to be everyone’s flavor

Live for Connection

Experience togetherness in the best possible way

Natalie Rae Jones

Beer Boss

Natalie started her beer-loving journey as an intern for Rocky Mountain Brew Runs in 2013. She took over the business in January 2020 and brought her own unique spin to the event series with bold themes and big personalities.

In the 2020 quarantine she started Beer Feelings to expand the brew empire beyond only 5k running events. Her mission is to help others make unique memories and navigate the craft beer space.

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