3 Ways to Level Up Craft Beer as a Signature Wedding Cocktail

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Lately, it seems that every wedding has a signature bride and groom drink. If you favor margaritas or mojitos, leveling up your drink can be as easy as adding in or changing up one of the flavors, but what if your go to beverage is a craft beer?

Not to fear! The Beer Feelings® Team has put together this guide with three easy tips to elevate your favorite craft beer to be the signature wedding drink of your dreams.

Create Mixed Beer Drinks

Test out different mixtures with your bartender or favorite brewery A few ideas from the Beer Feelings® Team:
Wheat Beer + Lemonade = Shandy
Mexican Lager + Bloody Mary Mix = Michelada
Vanilla Stout + Ice Cream + Blender = Beershake

Add a salt or sugar rim

A few pairing suggestions:

Chili Lime Salt – Mexican Lager
Zesty Basil Salt – Juicy IPA
Vanilla Stout Sugar – Oatmeal Stout
Espresso Sugar – Pastry Stout
Chai Sugar – Brown Ale
Order your favorites at beerfeelings.com

Serve in Unique Glassware

Choose a glass that celebrates your favorite beer feature
Effervescent – Tall and Skinny Stange
Aromatic – Tulip
Crushable – Sturdy Stein
These could do double duty in acting as favors for each guest

Ready for more? Check out our store to create the ultimate boozy and bougie beer spa night at home!

About the Author: natalieraejones

Natalie started her beer-loving journey as an intern for Rocky Mountain Brew Runs in 2013. She took over the business in January 2020 and brought her own unique spin to the event series with bold themes and big personalities. In the 2020 quarantine she started Beer Feelings to expand the brew empire beyond only 5k running events. Her mission is to help others make unique memories and navigate the craft beer space.


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