3 Simple Ways to Level Up Your Beer Game at Home

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Are you in a beer rut? We’ve all been there.

Buying your tried and true six pack every time you’re at the store has made your craft beer routine just a little blah. It’s easy, comfortable, and you know exactly what you’re getting, but now you’re thinking you want something more EXCITING.

I feel you, gal pal, and have a few easy suggestions on how you can level up your craft beer game from the comfort of home.

  1. LITERALLY spice things up

    Salt rims aren’t just for margaritas anymore – it’s time to get creative with your beer! Use a spiced-up sugar or salt to make an old favorite exciting again or to adjust a beer to be more in your flavor comfort zone.

    Flavored sugars are a great addition for a brew that is a little too bitter for your taste and garnishing your glass with salt helps to cut through something that’s a bit too tart.

    All of the Beer Feelings Relaxation Kits include a tasty add-on that you can use on your pint glass– or you can check out some other salty and sweet options with our friends at glow+gather.

  2. Use a fun and flirty glass

    What is your go-to vessel for an at home happy hour? Straight out of the can or bottle? Maybe a pint glass you got for free? Time to change things up!

    Different types of glassware enhance different elements of your beer (check out our Glass Class blog for more specifics on certain shapes).

    Additionally, I feel that drinking beer from a fun glass follows the same “you eat with your eyes first” rule that fancy restaurants abide by with their food presentation.

    My personal favorite way to get a new flirty glass is to buy one straight from a local brewery. The beer tenders can help explain what the different shapes enhance, you’ll have an impressive collection to show your friends, and who doesn’t love supporting local businesses?

  3. Hop into a Beer Feelings Social and learn something new

    Once a month, the Beer Feelings team hosts a different craft beer-themed virtual social to educate and entertain. Check out all upcoming events HERE to learn how to pair your beer with food, infuse your skincare routine with your favorite grown up drink, or infuse your own cooking with a local brew.

Test out these tips to level up your beer game and let me know how they go! Is there anything else you do to make at home happy hours a little more special?

Ready for more? Check out our store to create the ultimate boozy and bougie beer spa night at home!

About the Author: natalieraejones

Natalie started her beer-loving journey as an intern for Rocky Mountain Brew Runs in 2013. She took over the business in January 2020 and brought her own unique spin to the event series with bold themes and big personalities. In the 2020 quarantine she started Beer Feelings to expand the brew empire beyond only 5k running events. Her mission is to help others make unique memories and navigate the craft beer space.


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